CE marking in workwear

PPE must have the CE marking affixed to the product by its manufacturer or by who places it on the European market. The CE marking is the European certification that guarantees that the PPE meets all the essential requirements described in REGULATION (EC) No. 765/2008 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 July 2008.

Each category has specifications to respect, as described in REGULATION (EU) No. 425 of 9 March 2016 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on personal protective equipment and repealing Council Directive 89/686/EEC. But let’s look at them in detail:
For the PPE belonging to CATEGORY I, a DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY (self-certification) by the supplier is sufficient to certify that the PPE models placed on the market comply with the provisions of the directive. The manufacturer must mark each PPE with the CE marking and must draw up an EU declaration of conformity, keeping it available to the national authorities for ten years from the date of emission on the market of the PPE.
For CATEGORY II and CATEGORY III a two-stage assessment procedure is required:

  • First of all, the PPE must be subjected to the CE certification certificate carried out by a European Notified Body which verifies the regularity of all the documentation produced, the technical design and a complete PPE sample, representative of the subsequent production. It also verifies the actual possession of the essential health and safety requirements that the PPE must guarantee through the necessary tests, issuing, in the event of a positive outcome, a regular certificate of certification.
  • Secondly, the manufacturer affixes a CE marking to each PPE and draws up a written EU declaration of conformity for a PPE model and keeps it at the disposal of the national authorities for ten years from the date on which the PPE is placed on the market.

CATEGORY III PPE is also subjected to periodic checks by the audit team composed of at least one member who is familiar with the applicable essential health and safety requirements and with experience in assessing the PPE sector.

The audit team conducts periodic audits, at least once a year and not necessarily with previous notice. Specifically, this group examines the technical documentation of the PPE and may decide to carry out or have carried out examinations or tests on the PPE to verify the proper functioning of the quality system. The notified body is then required to send the manufacturer a report on the inspection and, if they have been carried out, also a test report. The notified body is then required to send the manufacturer a report on the inspection and, if they have been carried out, also a test report.

The certifications are automatically renewed when the notified body approves the quality system of the PPE. In this case, the PPE can continue to be used. If the check fails, however, the PPE must be eliminated, modified or replaced.

WARNING: As for all CE markings, CE certification is a supplement and NEVER represents the CE marking

Category PPE Certificazion
I Protect against risks of minor physical damage​ CE Declaration of Conformity by the manufacturer
II PPE that does not fall into the other two categories​ CE conformity and CE certification certificate issued by the notified body
III Complex design, protection from the risk of death or serious and permanent injury​ Certifications as above, subjected to production control systems by a competent body​

The general CE marking must be:

  • Visible;
  • Readable;
  • Permanent throughout the life of the PPE;
  • Dimensions not smaller than 5mm.

The CE marking may only be omitted from the PPE if it can be demonstrated that it can compromise the health and safety requirements of the device, or if the available area is not sufficient for the purpose. In this case, the CE marking must be affixed to the package closest to the PPE.

WARNING: Do not confuse the CE (European Conformance) mark with the CE (China Export) mark, in which the letters are closer together.

Marchio CE (Comunità europea) - Marchio CE (China Export)


  • Name and address of the manufacturer;
  • Size, height and waist measurements;
  • Specific reference standard;
  • Reference pictogram(s);
  • Reference protection category;
  • Fabric-related details;
  • Details on washing methods;
  • Planned uses;
  • Limits of use;
  • Washing limits;
  • Instructions for use (according to specific standard);
  • Instructions for maintenance and conservation, disposal, recycling;
  • Reference to compatible accessories;
  • Materials used in all layers.

An INFORMATION NOTE accompanies the garment, with an invitation to consult it.