Multi-standard trivalent workwear

Abbigliamento antinfortunistico trivalente da uomo, coordinato giacca e pantaloniWhat trivalent workwear means

When we talk about multi-standard workwear, we refer to a line of personal protective clothing, made and certified as accident prevention according to various standards, which guarantees protection from different types of work-related risks.
These characteristics are expressly designed not to conflict with each other, but, on the contrary, to provide greater protection to the worker.
For example, a garment that has both the UNI EN 13034 acid-resistant certification, UNI EN 1149-5 antistatic certification, and the UNI EN ISO 14116 fireproof certification, can be considered a trivalent multi-standard protective garment.

Garments with these characteristics also guarantee excellent comfort: it’s like wearing a classic work garment!

Trivalent certified clothing

Loghi abbigliamento trivalenteTrivalent clothing, in particular, guarantees triple protection. The fabric is treated to be flame-retardant, antistatic and acid-resistant. It, therefore, guarantees protection from heat and flame, exposure to liquid chemical agents, and ensures the dissipation of electrical charges. Accessories such as buttons or zips are covered by flaps, and any potentially flammable labels or parts are not exposed to the outside. Every detail is studied to protect those workers who, for example, carry out numerous tasks, or are exposed to multiple work-related risks. For example, a coverall with trivalent characteristics can be used by those who work in petrol stations or chemical companies.

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