Pentavalent Clothing

Why Choose Multi-Standard Garments
Giacca e pantaloni coordinati in blu di abbigliamento antinfortunistica pentavalente da uomo

Multi-standard workwear comprises garments that adhere to multiple safety standards, providing comprehensive protection against various occupational hazards. These safety-certified technical features are meticulously designed to complement each other without compromising their effectiveness.
For intance, a garment with flame retardant, antistatic and high visibility properties can be classified as a multi-standard protective outfit.
Moreover, multi-standard Personal Protective Equipment is as comfortable and functional as traditional workwear!

Pentavalent safety clothing

Loghi abbigliamento pentavalenteWhen facing exposure to multiple risks, the pentavalent clothing line proves highly suitable. As the name suggests, this PPE guards against five potential hazards. The fabric is flame retardant, antistatic and acid-resistant and certified for protection against electric arcs and hazards stemming from welding operations. Each garment is meticulously designed to be practical, comfortable, and functional. They are available in various models to meet diverse work requirements. The use of pentavalent clothing is specifically intended for sectors such as the petrochemical industry and gas network maintenance.

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